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Serving over 650 Vending machines and markets throughout the Tri-State area, we are the leader in Vending operations that you can trust.

In 1991, Norma & Joe founded RFT Vending in Moreno Valley, California. They were seeking post-retirement income, and a way to keep themselves moving. Within a few years of the company’s introduction, Papa Joe passed away. His son, Jeff Dunn, moved to California to assist Norma in continuing Papa Joe’s vision. With Jeff’s help, Norma operated the business until she was 70 years old. When Norma stepped down, Jeff’s wife, Rhonda, began working alongside her husband. After the economy tanked in 2008, Jeff and Rhonda decided to relocate to Mohave County and continue their company into the 3rd generation of their family with the employment of their son, Kyle. When MCV first arrived in Mohave County, the company owned just around 50 machines. In 2010, Machine Cuisine purchased a competitor in the Mohave County area which expanded their services to Lake Havasu and Bullhead. Since then, the company has continued to expand with the help of their loyal customers, employees and ever growing knowledge. As of 2018, Machine Cuisine operates nearly 650 machines throughout Mohave County and surrounding areas.